Bill De La Rosa's Story

The Two Worlds of Bill De La Rosa. 2016

Bowdoin College Magazine feature Summer 2016, Yankee Magazine feature, Fall 2016.

Bill de la Rosa is a young college graduate who has risen to academic and public service excellence in the face of a family divided by US immigration issues. In 2009, Bill's mother was deported to Mexico for overstaying a US visa, and banned from returning to the United States for 10 years. Her then 4 young, American born children were left in their modest home with an aged and infirm father. Bill graduated at the head of his highschool class and was awarded free college tuition to Bowdoin College across the country in Maine, where he also rose to the top of his class, and committed himself to a life in immigration law reform. Bouyed and supported by surrogate mother and father figures along the way, Bill has navigated a path for which he's had no map. Throughout his journey, the concern and care of his ailing father and 3 siblings back in Tuscon, Arizona has been a weight he has had to contend with as he's launched himself into a world of opportunities.

Bill is an inspiring young man with a very bright future in politics and policy. I feel most fortunate to have stepped into his life and the multiple worlds he inhabits.

Imagery from Tucson, Arizona, the Sonoran Desert, Nogales Mexico, and Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine.

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