Young Pilots of of Maine

In a day when the United States is experiencing a pilot shortage, and estimates say that aviation will be looking at an unprecedented demand for nearly 800,000 pilots in the next two decades, there’s never been a better time for young people to take flight. This work represents a sound-portrait project featuring some of Maine’s brightest young people who are ready to fly.

Mission: Document young pilots 16 - 25 years of age from all over the state of Maine.

Photography: One, high key portrait of each pilot, with accompanying context photographs from home airfield, planes and flights.

Audio: Edited clips from personal interview with each pilot, with accompanying context sound clips of radio communications, pre-flight checks, take offs and landings.

Potential: A showcase of Maine’s young flyers as a welcome to people arriving at the Jetport, and the exposure of careers in aviation for the recruitment of future pilots.

Optional Points of Access to the Work:

  • Exhibit of prints with audio accompaniment

  • Social media feeds on Instagram and Facebook

  • Stand alone website

  • Media available for future print and digital products

  • Podcast of interviews with pilots and artists discussion

Project Partners

Heather Perry, Photographer. Hopper McDonough, Audiographer.